Austin Metro's Premier

Authentic Smokehouse

100% Authentic.

0% Commercial.

How it Works


1) Each Sunday evening our site is updated with available menu items for the week.

2) Make selections and pickup time / date. Orders are for pickup on Saturdays 10A - 1P ONLY (1917 Gilded Crest Dr).

3) Our meat is cut to order to be as fresh as possible! Please arrive ON TIME and msg us via FB Messenger or text (317-250-1134). 

4) Leaving us a google review! It's the only way we advertise!

HEY! I'm GLEN (Gee Hud)!

Meet The Pitmaster!


The best BBQ in Austin. 

Sonia R

Moist and tender. Just like everyone likes it!

Andie C

A weekend ritual. Once Friday gets here, it's almost time for the Q.

Nick L